Spektrix Conference 2016

David will be speaking at the 2016 Spektrix Conference at the Lyric Hammersmith on Monday 7th November. The conference is for people in organisations that are using Spektrix. David will be talking about the things that fundraisers can learn from the field of behaviour design, neuroscience and nudge theory to try and make philanthropy ‘addictive’. You

New Blog – Tip of the Pops 2

Following UK Fundraising’s Tip of the Pops session at the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention, David has written a blog with fundraising tips (tenuously) linked to Howard Lake’s eclectic playlist. Have a read (and a listen) here – http://fundraising.co.uk/2016/07/13/tip-pops-2-now-thats-i-call-fundraising/ Once you’ve read it, pick a song from the playlist and suggest your own fundraising tip in