Do Graduates Make Better Fundraisers?

A recent review of over 350 fundraising job descriptions in the UK found that more than one in three mention having a degree in the person specification. In nearly a quarter of jobs it was listed as an essential requirement. But why is a degree qualification so desirable when it comes to recruiting fundraisers? And what if this requirement was doing more harm than good?

Finding the Right Contactless Donation Provider

As we increasingly move towards being a cashless society, many organisations are thinking about what this means for them. The technology to take contactless payments has got cheaper in recent years and a growing number of products have become available for charities looking to take donations this way. In this free resource we will look at eight questions you need to consider when trying to find the right provider for you. We will also look in more detail at six of the products currently on the market in the UK.

Making your Thank Yous SUPER!

When someone gives money to your cause – whether it is £1 or £1million – they are taking the exhilarating, terrifying leap of saying “I love you”. Your Thank You is your way of saying “I love you” back. No pressure, but how you respond has a huge bearing on whether your relationship with this supporter is going to flourish and bloom or wither and die. This blog shows you how to make the most of this opportunity by making your Thank Yous SUPER!

Are you thanking the wrong half of your supporters?

What can a loud screech at the end of an orchestral recording teach us about thanking supporters? Could it explain why so many supporters complain that they haven’t been thanked, when every fundraiser insists they always thank for every gift? This blog looks at what makes experiences memorable, with some thoughts on how this can be applied to the way we thank people for their donations.