I just wanted to say thanks so much for our consultation. I found your advice extremely insightful, helpful, and most importantly, practical! You left me with a great deal to think about and with some great action points to put into practice as soon as possible.

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Support for Arts Fundraisers

Apollo Fundraising offer a range of coaching and mentoring services for arts fundraisers. This is ideal if you or a member of your team are new to fundraising, or have to raise money as part of a wider role. Here are some of the ways Apollo Fundraising can provide ongoing support for you, your team and your organisation:

One-to-one mentoring

Mentoring can help individual team members to ensure they have the skills needed to fulfil their fundraising role. Whether you are looking for general fundraising skills or specific areas of expertise, Apollo Fundraising can help get the best from each staff member.

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Coaching and Support

Coaching provides a perfect opportunity for individual staff members or the whole team to talk through ideas and collaboratively find solutions to challenges. Apollo Fundraising can provide advice and guidance on strategies as well as specific approaches to funders.

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Proposal and Print Review

Apollo Fundraising can review trust applications, website pages and fundraising print, working with you to ensure they are as strong as possible.

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How can we help you?

These are some of the ways we can provide longer term support for Arts Fundraisers and those who have to secure funding for projects. To discuss how Apollo Fundraising can help you, your team or your organisation, email david.burgess@apollofundraising.com, ring +44(0)7745 033699, or visit the Contact Us page.