David delivering a training session for a group of 20 museum fundraisers

"Practical, specific advice around the mechanics of relationship & individual fundraising, combined with theory & examples. Really useful & inspiring!"

Participant Feedback

What does the training cover?

Individual Giving represents a significant opportunity for growth within the arts and culture sector. Arts organisations often have loyal groups of potential supporters, including their visitors, volunteers and local community. However, they need the skills and tools to identify their best prospects, understand what motivates them, secure donations and build long-term relationships.

This one-day session looks at all stages of the relationship, from identifying your prospects and their motivations, developing suitable propositions, raising awareness and building relationships from first gift to long-term involvement. Using both theory and practical exercises, this course answers the following questions:

  • Who are our best prospects?
  • What motivates people to donate?
  • What type of Individual Giving scheme is most appropriate for our organisation?
  • How do we communicate our need for funding?
  • How do we build a long-term relationship after the first gift?

At the end of this workshop, you will have greater confidence and understanding in:

  • Identifying the motivations of your potential supporters
  • Deciding between a transactional scheme and a philanthropic scheme
  • Identifying the most appropriateĀ channels for raising awareness and securing donations
  • Making supporters feel valued in order to build a long-term relationship
David presenting to a room full of fundraisers at the 2016 Spektrix conference

What do previous participants say?

David offered practical support for our specific fundraising avenue & presented in a really clear, engaging way.

Participant – Introduction to Individual Giving

Practical, specific advice around the mechanics of relationship & individual fundraising, combined with theory & examples. Really useful & inspiring!

Participant – An Introduction to Individual Giving

Offered clear, structured information which was relevant to the group in an environment which encouraged sharing and discussion. David is particularly skilled in giving constructive responses to questions and comments.

Participant – Individual Giving cohort training programme

How do I book?

‘Increasing Individual Giving’ can be booked by organisations looking to provide in-house training for their staff. Alternatively, you might want to partner with local organisations who are looking for similar skills development opportunities.

This training session works best with groups of 12-24 people.

Our ‘Increasing Individual Giving’ training is normally run as a full-day course. However, we are flexible and can adapt our programme to meet your needs.

If you would like to discuss booking an ‘Increasing Individual Giving’ training session, please contact us using the form below.

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