It’s Friday. It's been a long week. The weekend is within reach but now the snow has descended (or slush if you are in London). It might be freezing outside but here is some Snow Day Fun to warm the spirits of even the frostiest of fundraisers!

5 things fundraisers can learn from snow-based movies


As fundraisers, your magic (like Elsa’s) is controlled by love. You can’t educate people to care about your cause. Make sure your fundraising messages are “acts of true love” rather than freezing your supporter’s heart.

Ice Age

It can take a long time to crack the “major gift” nut. Some nuts are worth persevering with. However, you need to be alert to the fact that some nuts have no intention of ever being cracked.

Cool Runnings

Just because your organisation has never done something doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. Look at the skills your team has. Don’t just rely on the fact that your organisation has “always done it this way”.

And, if it all goes wrong, you can always rely on your lucky egg…

Happy Feet

Every supporter has a “heartsong”. Sometimes you need to change your own song – the messages and stories you are sending out – in order to make a connection.

The Day After Tomorrow 

No matter how senior you are, sometimes it pays to seek the advice of friendly, independent experts…