How to make your “Thank You” SUPER

How to make your Thank You SUPER Why is it that the majority of Thank You letters to supporters are so instantly forgettable? These are people we are supposedly trying to build a relationship with. Yet we send them passionless, insincere, automated garbage…if we bother to send them anything at all! The secret to any

Snow Day Fun for Fundraisers

It’s Friday. It's been a long week. The weekend is within reach but there is still one more day to be thinking (worrying?) about end-of-year fundraising targets. The snow that started out as a novelty on Monday has become more than a little irritating. So here is some Snow Day Fun for fundraisers:5 things fundraisers

Apollo Fundraising is 1 Today!

On 1st July 2017, Apollo Fundraising celebrates its 1st birthday. During our first twelve months we have:Provided fundraising consultancy and support to 26 arts and culture organisations, helping them to achieve their fundraising goals (You can find out more about our current clients here) Delivered 29 workshops and training sessions on topics including Individual Giving,

Fundraising with no Fundraiser

Fundraising without a Fundraiser Fundraising isn’t free money. It requires time and effort to identify potential supporters, build relationships and look after people that have given gifts. For a number of funding streams, such as corporates and major donors, it can also take financial investment. Dedicating time to fundraising is one thing if you have

New blog – What is Fundraising?

David has been working with a number of organisations who are new to fundraising. As a result, he has been thinking about what fundraising is and, more importantly, what it is not. This short blog post shares some of those thoughts. You can read it here – What is Fundraising?

What is Fundraising?

What is Fundraising? Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with people completely new to fundraising. It has made me think about what fundraising is and, more importantly, what fundraising is not. Here are some of my thoughts on this. I’d love to hear yours!   Fundraising IS empowering – my (current) preferred answer

New blog – Prospective Hindsight

Whether you are trying to write your NPO application or setting your plans for the next year, trying to see where you and your organisation will be in the future can be daunting. “Prospective Hindsight” techniques can help to overcome this. David has written a new blog to help you use prospective hindsight exercises to